Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Philippa Gregory

I met Philippa Gregory tonight! I went to see her in Princeton and I got two books signed; The White Queen and The Constant Princess. I will take pictures of the signatures tomorrow Im exhausted after a super long day and getting lost on my way home from the event. Phillipa was funny and informative and I loved her British accent and jokes about the monarchy. This was my first book signing event and I really had a good time so I might have to look out for other authors I like now. The people running it are very efficient and I waited less then half an hour in line to get my books signed and shake hands with the brilliant Philippa. I was alone so no pictures sadly but hopefully next time. She said that The White Queen is the first of six books based on the Plantagents and the War of Roses. After that she is thinking of revisiting the Tudors again as she said she has had her eye on a certain person though she did not mention who it was. Im beat but what a great night.

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