Thursday, September 17, 2009

Philippa Gregory 2

I finally got time to take pictures of my night with Philippa Gregory. Because I ended up going alone, my friend who was suppose to come with me had to take a stray kitten she found to the vet, I didnt take any pictures because I was too shy. Phillipa was wonderfully funny and nice and she shook my hand when I nervously told her what a big fan of hers I was. I was able to get three books signed, My copy of The White Queen, a copy of The White Queen for my friend, and my copy of The Constant Princess (my second favorite of hers after The Other Boleyn Girl which I was unable to locate) I very much enjoyed meeting her and hope to meet her again in the future as well as attend other talks by writers I like.

Here is my reminder that I did indeed meet the fabulous Philippa Gregory


  1. You went! I am glad you did, look at what you got ! I love it.

  2. Congrats on your adventure! She wasn't coming anywhere near Dallas unfortunately, although Houston is a stop it's like 6 hours + away.
    I'm glad you got to meet her!

  3. Lucky you-Do you want my copy of The Help when I am finished. My birthday is in July so it was a late present but a good one.