Thursday, September 17, 2009

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday asks "Whats the most enjoyable, most fun, most darn entertaining book you've read recently?"

Hmmm I guess I would have to say The Luxe series. I read both Luxe and Rumors and am awaiting the end of the month for Envy to come out on paperback to start that. While I thought I wouldn't care for the series too much as its young adult I find myself captivated by the ever moving plot as well as truly getting attached to certain characters. I am actually very anxious to read the next book Envy but am making myself wait for the paperback so I don't have 2 paperbacks and 1 hardcover as I hate mixing the two. I find myself anxious to know the fate of two specific characters and feel a bit like a child having to wait. The books are certainly light and fluffy but the intrigue and gossip make the experience a lot of fun. I dont even want to talk about the wait for the 4th and final book Splendor which will be released at the end of October but wont be coming to paperback for a year after that.


  1. I found these stories to be entertaining. I certainly did enjoy these reads.

  2. I've considered buying these books. I may pick one up soon!