Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Finds

I met with my book club (me and a friend from college who share the same love for historical fiction, pretty book covers, and romantic stories as well as the same birthday!) on Wednesday and as we were perusing around Barnes and Noble trying to pick out our next month's book (we choose Luxe which is why you see it waiting in the wings) we stumbled upon this baby. The book is called Fairest of All by Serena Valentino and its based on the Wicked Queen of the Snow White legend. Its suppose to let you understand what drove the Queen to attempt the murder of a sweet innocent young girl. My friend and I were both drawn instantly to the cover as we recognized the woman (we both agree though that face however resembles Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty more then the Wicked Queen of Snow White) My love of fractured fairy tales was instantly awaken at the idea of seeing this story from the Queen's point of view. We noticed that this book came out from Disney Press so we are both wondering (and hoping with crossed fingers) that they will continue this idea and create a series based on all the famous Disney villians. I am definitely adding this to my list. If you are looking for this one in your local bookseller its in the young adult section and is a very small square book, about 250 pages long.

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